Although raising children can be costly, Hoppi’s revolutionary AirDream Diapers—premium quality, affordable price—will open up a whole new world for parents. Ayda Jebat and Nabil Mahir, a Malaysian celebrity couple and parents of a two-year-old, claim that the new diaper is the softest, lightest, and safest on the market, making it a game-changer for moms and kids.

Specially designed for Southeast Asia’s hot and humid weather, the Hoppi AirDream Diapers are fluff-free (chlorine-free) and are the thinnest in the market. With 2mm UltraCoreTM Technology, it is ultra thin yet absorbent, providing up to 12-hour leak protection.

“Good quality doesn’t need to be expensive,” said Zi Kang Tai, Cofounder of Hoppi. Started in 2020, Zi Kang and his wife, Jane Wu were prompted to look for good quality and safe products for their new born baby as the little one was suffering from serious eczema (skin allergy). “We started off with a lot of research on baby products, especially diapers, and we found out that the main factor that determines the quality of a diaper depends on the absorbent core. The early diapers are all made with fluff pulp which requires to be bleached with chlorine during production thereby easily causing skin irritation in babies,” said Zi Kang.

Through 15 months of intense R&D and working with the world’s best factory, Hoppi is proud to introduce Hoppi AirDream Diaper that is only 2mm in thickness. This ultra-thin yet truly absorbent diapers are made possible with the use of 10,000 compressed Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) that are highly absorbent and can hold over 500x its own mass.

The pressure to welcome a baby is on for all parents even for a well-known artist like Ayda Jebat. “Being a new mum, I really need to ensure the products that I’m using on my baby are accredited and are safe to use, especially the diaper as the baby wears it the whole day. With the hot and humid weather in Southeast Asia, babies are more prone to skin allergies, rashes and eczema. It is extremely important to have diapers that are thin and breathable. I chose Hoppi’s AirDream Diapers for my baby, it is the lightest, thinnest and softest I have tried,” said the artist.

“We believe that every parent deserves to give their kids the best. That’s why we’re on a mission to redefine mum & baby essentials with better material and safer ingredients, ” added Zi Kang.

“With Hoppi, premium quality baby products do not need to be expensive, and I like how Hoppi being extra picky about the products they sell as 2/3rds of the team are mums. They really know what the key concerns mothers have and now I can have peace of mind without worrying if the products I use are chemical-free, by choosing Hoppi,” added Ayda Jebat.

Started off with only one product – Baby Wet Wipes, Hoppi has successfully served more than 200,000+ happy mums within a year. Today, the brand has expanded its product range into diapers, baby detergent, body wash, lotion and many more.

To celebrate Ayda Jebat becoming Hoppi’s Brand Ambassador, the brand is doing a special 40% off on ‘Ayda’s Choice Combo’. Sold exclusively on Hoppi’s official website (www.heyhoppi.com), the bundle consists of Diaper single pack, Water Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo and a limited edition Hoppi
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