Lyf Raja Chulan, the newest hotel under The Ascott Limited collection of hotels and residences launched ‘Kuala Lumpur Comes A-lyf’, a year-long tourism campaign that puts a spotlight on the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Malaysia. The campaign aims to further enliven the Kuala Lumpur heritage enclave by organizing various themed and cultural events to draw the attention of local and international tourists within Klang Valley. The launch of the campaign, held in conjunction with the 66th Merdeka Day and the 60th Malaysia Day celebrations, was officiated by Mohamed Amin Yahya, Senior Director of Domestic & Event, Tourism Malaysia.

“Lyf Raja Chulan has come up with a brilliant idea to initiate this fun, interactive campaign to not only showcase the cultures, arts, and traditions of Malaysians but also to help local vendors who will participate in their planned events, promoting local products and creating economic opportunities for local businesses. Kuala Lumpur Comes A-lyf is a creative way to promote tourism through cultural events, and I am confident that this year-long campaign will help us in boosting our tourism numbers for this year and also give us a good headstart for 2024,” Mohamed Amin said in his speech.

Lyf Raja Chulan welcomes those who love to explore Kuala Lumpur, no matter where they come from as long as they have a passion for adventure. Tourists or locals who love to adventure in Chinatown, Central Market, and Bukit Bintang are in for a treat as they are all a short distance away from the hotel. This campaign will promote local attractions in Kuala Lumpur, enabling tourists to indulge and educate themselves on Malaysian traditions and culture through activities, performances, food, and talks. Travelers who look for safety, comfort, cleanliness, and co-living spaces when traveling are those who would especially enjoy lyf Raja Chulan as they uphold their principle of maintaining good hygiene.

“These events will not only showcase lyf Raja Chulan as a wonderful place to stay, but also bring to the fore local vendors, especially small businesses, that we will engage to participate in our events,” said Mondi Mecja, The Ascott Limited’s Country General Manager. Flea markets, food bazaars, comedy shows, and live music festivals are just some of the events that can be expected in bringing the campaign to life. To gauge a glimpse of what is in store, Yazmin Aziz performed beautifully during the launching event along with a presentation of the future events by the Residence Manager of lyf Raja Chulan, Bob Yusof.

Tourism and hospitality stakeholders were all in attendance to witness the momentous beginning of ‘Kuala Lumpur Comes A-lyf’. This initiative will benefit not only the tourism industry but also boost small local businesses such as street hawkers, restaurants, surrounding museums, travel agencies, and many more as well as a chance for local and international tourists to experience the city by exploring hidden gems throughout Kuala Lumpur. The campaign also aims to promote many local gems located in non-commercial areas that are filled with more culture, traditions, and heritage.

Lyf Raja Chulan also looks to collaborate with their sister hotels under The Ascott Limited brand for future events with ‘Kuala Lumpur Comes A-lyf’ to provide and share a more holistic staying experience that encompasses every aspect of the capital city. Lyf Raja Chulan is not only limited to private organizations for future projects and campaigns, it also invites other like-minded people and entities to contribute to its effort to boost the tourism and hospitality industry in anticipation of the upcoming Visit Malaysia Year.