In conjunction with the anniversary of Malaysia’s number one sporting goods retailer, Al-Ikhsan Sports will hold a series of stock-out sales in key locations across the country. Each location offers between 10,000 – 30,000 sports items priced below RM 99 covering various famous sports brands for the customers and Malaysian sports fans.

Among the brands offered are Nike, Puma, Asics, Teva, Skechers and adidas. Adidas offers discounts of up to 60% on selected items. Al-Ikhsan Sports has chosen the month of August as the focal point of clearance sale in major locations across the country as an initiative to ignite the patriotic spirit of the people to free themselves from a passive life to a healthier life.

Harga Rahmah which was introduced by the government led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is increasingly talked about by all Malaysians today and has become a promotional trend by most businesses. However, at Al-Ikhsan Sports, Harga Rahmah have been offered since the company started operating, 30 years ago. This is in line with the mission and objective of Al-Ikhsan Sports to provide quality products at affordable prices so that they can be enjoyed by all, especially the middle- income and low-income groups.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Al-Ikhsan Sports, Mr. Vach Pillutla, “Al-Ikhsan Sports core purpose is to make sports affordable for all Malaysian Sports lovers- While today everyone talks about Harga Rahmah, Al-Ikhsan has been “Harga Rahmah” for the past 30 years by bringing the biggest global sports brands at most affordable prices. Given the soft economy that we are seeing, Al-Ikhsan Sports and its offerings have become more relevant than ever before! Being a homegrown Malaysian sports retailer, no one understands Malaysian sporting needs better than us.”

Also taking place concurrently to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Al-Ikhsan Sports is the “Spend and Win” contest where the buyer with the most accumulated points will receive a full sponsorship to witness the opening event of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. While other prizes include a holiday to watch the EURO 2024 match in Germany as well as an exclusive experience to Anfield / Liverpool including English League match tickets.

Follow the official social media account of Al-Ikhsan Sports, to find out the latest information. You can also visit Al-Ikhsan Sport’s e-commerce site at www.al-ikhsan.com for an easy fingertip purchasing experience.