6th Malaysia International Film Festival Lineup Unveiled: Johnnie To to Chair the Competition Jury

The next edition of the 6th Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest), which will screen 42 films from 15 different nations, was officially announced today at a press conference. Johnnie To, a celebrated director, will preside over the competition section’s jury, the festival has said. In addition, Sylvia Chang received the Lifetime Achievement Award from MIFFest for her outstanding contributions to the film industry. The top 10 finalists and nominees for the BMW Shorties 2023 were also made public at the ceremony.

Over 300 record-breaking submissions were received for the 6th MIFFest

With over 300 record-breaking submissions received for the 6th MIFFest, the festival continues to attract talented filmmakers from around the world. The high number of submissions is a testament to MIFFest’s growing prominence and its commitment to recognising outstanding talents in the film industry.

“This year, we had the pleasure of receiving and watching over 300 films. This is an impressive number that showcases the vibrant state of cinema and the passion for filmmaking around the world. Today has been a truly fantastic day as we announced the much-anticipated festival lineup to the world. Adding to the excitement, we are thrilled to have our partner, BMW Shorties, join us in this journey. It’s a delightful pleasure for us. We will continue to support and encourage filmmaking in Malaysia, capturing more incredible moments on camera.” expressed Joanne Goh, reflecting on the press conference.

Johnnie To is chairing Competition Jury for the 6th MIFFest

The Jury President for the 6th MIFFest has been confirmed as Johnnie To, joined by esteemed jury members including Truong Ngoc Anh from Vietnam, Ryuichi Hiroki from Japan, Zizan Razak from Malaysia, and Eric Khoo from Singapore. This distinguished group will evaluate the festival’s finest contenders and determine the winners of the coveted awards.

Lifetime Achievement Award to Sylvia Chang

In recognition of her remarkable career spanning several decades, MIFFest will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Sylvia Chang. Known for her exceptional talent and dedication, Chang’s contributions to the industry have left a lasting impact. Her unforgettable performances and critically acclaimed films have resonated with audiences worldwide.

“Eraser” opens the 6th MIFFest

“Eraser,” directed by Mark Lee See Teck, will open the festival, serving as the World Festival Premiere. This Malaysian masterpiece features the final on-screen appearance of the late Adibah Noor, a beloved Malaysian gem known for her timeless charisma. “Eraser” promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and emotional depth. As for the Closing Film, MIFFest presents the International Premiere of “See You at the Rally,” directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Kanny Chang. This heartfelt film takes audiences on an emotional journey, exploring the intricate bond between a father and a son.

Diverse Selection in the Non-Competition Category

MIFFest’s Non-Competition category boasts an impressive lineup of powerful and thought-provoking films. Among them are the World Premieres of “ADOIII JIWA KU” by Steve Yap from Malaysia. Additionally, the Malaysian Premiere of “No Bears” by Jafar Panahi from Iran, “World War III” by Houman Seyyedi from Iran and the Hong Kong film “Hong Kong Family” directed by Eric Tsang. Furthermore, “For My Country” by Rachid Hami from France, “Cord of Life” by Qiao Sixue from China, “Banu” by Tahmina Rafaella from Azerbaijan, and “In My Mother’s Skin” by Kenneth Dagatan from the Philippines. Adding to the lineup, is “2 Women” by Ryuichi Hiroki. Moreover, “Shuttle Life” by Tan Seng Kiat from Malaysia and “All About Ah Long” by Johnnie To from Hong Kong, are part of the second glance category.

MIFFest Taiwan Programme 2023 Highlights with compelling filmmakers in presence

Adding further depth to the festival, MIFFest presents the MIFFest Taiwan Programme 2023, curated by Programmer Kuo Ming-Jung. Under the theme “Going Forward, Looking Back: The Reluctant Evolution of Contemporary Taiwan Films.”

Feature films include “American Girl” by Fiona Roan, “Coo-Coo 043” by Chan Ching-lin, “GAGA” by Laha Mebow, “I WeirDo” by Liao Ming-yi, “Heavy Craving” by Pei-Ju Hsieh, “A Silent Gaze” by Huang Hsin-yao, and “Day Off” by Fu Tien-Yu. The short films featured are “The 2014 Consensus” by Su I-hsuan, “Ten Years Taiwan: Way Home” by Lu Po-shun, “Last Year When the Train Passed by” by Huang Pang-Chuan, and “Babes’ Not Alone” by Lee Yi-shan.

MIFFest Taiwan Programme 2023 includes two engaging forums that delve into critical topics in the film industry. The first forum, “Adapting to the Changing Realities in Cinema,” will feature speakers Chong Keat Aun, Chen Chieh-yao, and Chan Ching-lin. The second forum, “The Challenge for New Directors: More Than Just Finding One’s Voice,” will be led by speakers Fiona Roan, Lau Kok Rui, and Jovi Lee.

Unprecedented Collaboration with Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN)

In a symbolic partnership, MIFFest joins forces with the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) to present “BIFAN at MIFFest.” This unique section will showcase the thrilling world of genre cinema and offer seminars focusing on the genre film industry. As part of this collaboration, MIFFest proudly presents the International Premiere of “Iron Mask” from South Korea, directed by Kim Sung Hwan, and the Asian Premiere of “SINGLE8” from Japan, directed by Konaka Kazuya.

6th MIFFest Competition unveils its lineup and nominees

The excitement continues with the announcement of the 6th MIFFest Competition. The festival presents the World Festival Premiere of “Eraser” by Mark Lee See Teck from Malaysia and the International Premiere of “Our Home” from India by Romi Meitei Mayanglambam. The competition further features the Asian Premiere of “Let the Dance Begin” by Marina Seresesky from Spain and “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” by Antonio Lukich from Ukraine. The Malaysian Premieres include “Autobiography” by Makbul Mubarak from Indonesia, “Plan 75” by Chie Hayakawa from Japan, “Sunny Side of the Street” by Lau Kok Rui from Hong Kong, “Snow and the Bear” by Selcen Ergun from Turkey, “A Light Never Goes Out” by Anastasia Tsang from Hong Kong, and “My Small Land” by Emma Kawawada from Japan.

The nominees for Best Director:

·       Chie Hayakawa for “Plan 75,”

·       Lau Kok Rui for “Sunny Side of the Street,”

·       Makbul Mubarak for “Autobiography,”

·       Marina Seresesky for “Let the Dance Begin,” and

·       Romi Meitei Mayanglambam for “Our Home.”

The nominees for Best Cinematography:

·       Hideho Urata for “Plan 75,”

·       Johni Meitei & Kangabam Bikram for “Our Home,”

·       Leung Ming Kai for “A Light Never Goes Out,”

·       Misha Lubarsky for “Luxembourg, Luxembourg,” and

·       Wojciech Staroń for “Autobiography.”

The nominees for Best Screenplay:

·       Chie Hayakawa for “Plan 75,”

·       Emma Kawawada for “My Small Land,”

·       Lau Kok Rui for “Sunny Side of the Street,”

·       Makbul Mubarak for “Autobiography,” and

·       Marina Seresesky for “Let the Dance Begin.”

The nominees for Best Actor:

·       Amil Nasirov for “Luxembourg, Luxembourg,”

·       Anthony Wong for “Sunny Side of the Street,”

·       Darío Grandinetti for “Let the Dance Begin,”

·       Kevin Ardilova for “Autobiography,” and

·       Master Priyojit for “Our Home.”

The nominees for Best Actress:

·       Chieko Baisho for “Plan 75,”

·       Lina Arashi for “My Small Land,”

·       Mercedes Morán for “Let the Dance Begin,”

·       Merve Dizdar for “Snow and the Bear,” and

·       Sylvia Chang for “A Light Never Goes Out.”

The nominees for Best Supporting Actor:

·       Arswendy Bening Swara for “Autobiography,”

·       Henick Chou for “A Light Never Goes Out,”

·       Inderjeet Singh for “Sunny Side of the Street,”

·       Jorge Marrale for “Let the Dance Begin,” and

·       Sori Senjam for “Our Home.”

The nominees for Best Supporting Actress:

·       Asiye Dinçsoy for “Snow and the Bear,”

·       Cecilia Choi for “A Light Never Goes Out,”

·       Kiranjeet Gill for “Sunny Side of the Street,”

·       Pastora Vega for “Let the Dance Begin,” and

·       Stefanie Arianne for “Plan 75.”

BMW Shorties unveils its lineup for the TOP 10 finalists and the 133-record number of submissions

The BMW Shorties, a cultural initiative by BMW Group Malaysia revealed the highly anticipated Top 10 finalists and nominees for 2023 that has showcased an impressive creativity and dedication of the participating filmmakers and digital content creators. The event also saw the unveiling of short nominated across various categories, including Best Cinematography, Best Story, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design, Best Editing, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Student Shorties.

With a remarkable record breaking 133 short film submissions this year, the BMW Shorties continue to provide a platform for local talents to demonstrate their creative storytelling capabilities and challenging the common conventions. The celebration of cinematic art continues as The BMW Shorties unveil its 16th Grand Prize Winner at the Malaysia International Film Festival next month.

The 6th Malaysia International Film Festival 2023 is taking place at LaLaport BBCC from 23 to 29 July 2023, whereas the Awards Night will be held on 29 July 2023 at Zepp, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information about the 6th MIFFest 2023, please visit miffest.com.my or the social media.