Christmas Celebration With Ci Hang Chempaka Home

Christmas Celebration With Ci Hang Chempaka Home

A cheery preview of what that amazing and thrilling morning held was provided by the sun’s brilliant rays. Even Manja, the bird that gave Rumah Bakti Ci Hang its name as a retreat for the elderly, came skimming down to see the gathering of people taking boxes of goods out of the van.

We celebrated Christmas with our elderly relatives by Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam. Mr. Felix Yeo, the hotel’s highly esteemed general manager, led the troupe to honor the event. A total of fifteen members of the hotel’s top management team, along with additional operational workers, joined the elderly to celebrate Christmas. They even invited the hotel’s live band to enhance the event’s glitz and fun.

A few hotel staff members arrived the day before to set up and decorate. They carried a Christmas tree with them, replete with reindeer and Justine ornaments and sparkling stars.

After everyone had gathered on December 20, 2023, Felix Yeo and his staff  led by Desmond Yeow went up to the assembly hall so that the event could begin.

Right away, the band took centre stage and began singing, “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” Everyone was swinging their Santa hats also provided by Concorde Hotel and clapping along to the music, which created a lively atmosphere. The band roared along with those who knew the words. Not in tune? Nevermind. Everything had a festive Christmas vibe about it.

Following a few musical selections, the hotel chef’s cuisine was presented. Brownies and a wonderful cake served as desert. The elderly people contentedly chewed their meal and truly settled in.

The band kept playing over lunch, and just thereafter, several of the elderly started dancing with the hotel staff. A few members of our executive committee also participated in the enjoyment.

Goody bags were distributed to all attendees while the band continued to play and the dancers jived their feet.

All excellent things, after all, have a nice, pleasant, and delightful beginning and finale. Felix departed initially to do some business at the hotel, and the crew soon trailed behind. And as a way for us to remember them, the Christmas tree was left there, to be used until Christmas Day on December 25, 2023, and then stored at Ci Hang for a further Christmas season. Thank you from the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam staff and Mr. Felix Yeo. Everybody at Ci Hang will always remember the lasting impression you made on our hearts and minds.