“Two Businesses Penalized for Illegally Streaming Astro Content, Individual Fined for Unauthorized Sale of TV Boxes”

“Two Businesses Penalized for Illegally Streaming Astro Content, Individual Fined for Unauthorized Sale of TV Boxes”


Astro Takes Legal Action Against F&B Outlet and Hotel for Pirating Content.
An individual fined RM12,000 for selling TV Boxes with Unauthorized Astro Content

Astro continues its fight against piracy by pursuing civil claims against an F&B outlet in Kuala Lumpur and a boutique hotel in Cameron Highlands. Evidence gathered suggests that these establishments were streaming and displaying pirated Astro copyrighted content to customers and the public without proper authorization or licensing from Astro.

The unauthorized screening and display of Astro copyrighted content in business premises violate Section 36 of the Copyright Act 1987, constituting copyright infringement.”

Astro recorded the Consent Orders at the Kuala Lumpur High Court with the operators of the F&B outlet in KL and the boutique hotel in Cameron Highlands on 17 January 2024 and on 19 January 2024 respectively. Both enterprises agreed to pay Astro a total of RM55,000 in damages, published a public apology in the media and provided an undertaking to cease and desist from infringing Astro’s copyright in any manner whatsoever. Both outlets have also agreed to an Astro commercial subscription worth RM53,000 in total.


Astro’s civil claims against these outlets were based on the precedent set by the High Court’s landmark ruling that it secured with the Premier League in November 2022, which made it clear that it is illegal for commercial premises to show content to the public from unauthorised sources, including Astro broadcasts without the appropriate commercial licence.


On 16 February 2024, the Ampang Session Court charged and fined salesperson, Teh Wei Seng, 26 for selling TV boxes pre-loaded with unauthorised Astro content under Section 43 AA (1)( c) of the Copyright Act 1987. He pleaded guilty and was fined RM 12,000 or on default imprisonment to 6 months. The offence was committed on 30 March 2023 at an outlet in Ampang, Selangor where Teh was found in possession of 3 Android TV boxes of which two was preloaded with unauthorised Astro content.


Tai Kam Leong, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Astro said, “We welcome these positive outcomes from our legal and federal enforcement actions against commercial establishments and individuals that have been illegally streaming and showing unauthorised content to their customers. Astro is sending out a strong message that tough measures will be taken against anyone who is found guilty of piracy. Piracy deeply hurts our ability to keep serving fans of our content and erodes our ability to make further investment in premium content for Malaysians.”