Develop Healthy Digital Habits for Your Kids with Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition

Parents often worry about the amount of time their children spend online and the content they are exposed to nowadays. According to recent data from TotallyAwesome, Youth-first Digital Insights, 2023, 78% of parents with teens 13 – 17 years old worry about their children coming across inappropriate content on social media, while 72% are concerned about them spending too much time playing games online. Preventing such outcomes before reaching teen age begins with instilling the right behaviours from a young age. Currently, 70% of parents would restrict the time their children can view media, and 59% would be using built-in parental controls on devices. Therefore, with the parental control features available from Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition, it empowers parents to take charge of their children’s screen time.

Establishing consistent routines and moderating content are key strategies for promoting healthy digital habits in children. Parents can set specific time limits for device usage, such as allowing 20 minutes of tablet time after homework or chores. By sticking to this schedule, children develop a sense of structure around their screen time.

With Samsung Kids, parents can access a curated selection of age-appropriate content, including educational games and interactive stories. They can preview and approve content before it’s accessible to their child, ensuring a safe and enriching digital experience. Operating within a secure sandbox environment, Samsung Kids provides a controlled space for children to explore, free from the risk of accessing unsuitable content. With these measures in place, parents can encourage learning and creativity with confidence.

Selling now at RM799, the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition inclusive of a complimentary Crayon Stylus, Kids Puffy Case, 15W Travel Adapter, and Kids Sticker, valued at RM300. Encouraging purposeful use of technology, this tablet offers educational content and interactive experiences to support children’s learning. Additionally, the standalone Galaxy Tab A9 LTE is available for RM699, providing options to suit different needs and preferences.

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