Chryseis, Daughter of Malaysian Billionaire, Unveils Thoughts on the Revolutionary HONOR Magic V2 – World’s Slimmest Foldable Phone Set to Launch on January 16!

The anticipation reaches new heights as HONOR Malaysia unveils its groundbreaking creation, the HONOR Magic V2, set to redefine the smartphone landscape. The excitement surrounding the launch is palpable, with tech enthusiasts and consumers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone.

The HONOR Magic V2 takes industry benchmarks to a completely new level, boasting remarkable improvements in form factor, battery life, display, and overall user experience. Designed with a commitment to unparalleled portability, HONOR has meticulously refined the phone’s structure, manufacturing processes, and material selection, setting a new standard in smartphone design. 

The HONOR Magic V2 is incredibly thin, less than 1cm when folded. It’s the first foldable phone to achieve this record, making it the Best Choice of New Era of smartphones.

Leading up to the HONOR Magic V2 launch, Malaysia’s billionaire daughter and successful entrepreneur Chryseis Tan along with renowned Malaysian fashion designer Rizman Nordin were among the first to experience this innovative foldable phone.


HONOR Magic V2 – Thinness and Lightness Redefined

Chryseis was impressed by the lightweight design of the HONOR Magic V2, which weighs just 231g and a slim profile of 9.9mm when folded. “This is the first time I encountered such a light and thin foldable phone,” she said. The phone’s premium design perfectly matches Chryseis’ elegance.

Similarly, Rizman, the founder of Rizman Ruzaini label, found the phone convenient to carry around. Specifically, he highlighted the phone perfectly fit into the top pocket of his jacket. “I’m quite particular about phone sizes and the HONOR Magic V2 fits perfectly into my pocket,” he remarked. 

Apart from that, the phone’s design, which combines features of both a tablet and a smartphone, made it easy for Rizman to work on the go, allowing him to showcase his designs on a larger display.


HONOR Magic V2 – Power and Durability Redefined

In terms of power, the HONOR Magic V2’s 5000mAh silicon-carbon battery and 66W fast charging capability provide Rizman with a worry-free experience regarding the phone’s battery drainage. “I have a busy life and use my phone a lot, especially scrolling through Pinterest and watching fashion shows to stay updated,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Chryseis sees smartphones as essential communication tools in her daily life, serving purposes like information retrieval, communication, social media browsing, and photo-taking. With the HONOR Magic V2, there’s no need to worry about the phone’s durability, as its hinge can endure over 400,000 folds, guaranteeing a lifespan of up to ten years with 100 folds a day.

This is because the HONOR Magic V2’s hinge is made from titanium alloy, a material lighter than aluminum yet stronger than steel, earning the device a certification from SGS.

To prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance during prolonged usage, the HONOR Magic V2 incorporates the Ultra-thin Bionic VC Cooling System in the phone.


Watch the HONOR Magic V2 Launch Live Stream

Experience the unveiling of the world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone by watching the HONOR Magic V2 live stream launch on HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page on January 16, 2024, at 8pm.

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