TNG Digital Launches e-Mas: Gold Investment Now in TNG eWallet

TNG Digital Sdn. Bhd. (TNG Digital), Malaysia’s largest integrated fintech player, has introduced e-Mas, a gold investment product available within the TNG eWallet. This all-digital gold investment product provides users with a secure and convenient way to diversify their investment portfolios.

The launch event was honored by the presence of YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Digital, marking a significant milestone for both TNG Digital and its collaborator, CIMB Bank Berhad. The Minister’s support highlights the government’s commitment to promoting digital financial inclusivity and innovation.

Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital, stated, “With the introduction of e-Mas, we are expanding our range of investment products within the TNG eWallet as part of our mission to advance financial empowerment and accessibility for Malaysians.” He added, “We are deeply honored that the Minister of Digital, YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, supports our efforts to democratize access to digital financial offerings, such as digital gold investment.”

Powered by CIMB Bank Berhad as the liquidity provider, users can now invest in gold via TNG eWallet with a low entry amount of RM10, allowing them to diversify their investment portfolios.

Chu Kok Wei, Co-CEO of Group Wholesale Banking at CIMB Group, emphasized, “At CIMB, we are committed to pioneering a digital-centric approach to treasury products.” He continued, “We are pleased to serve as the liquidity provider for e-Mas, leveraging our strong capabilities in risk management and digital treasury solutions.” The collaboration with TNG Digital marks a significant leap forward, complementing CIMB’s longstanding presence in the wholesale financial market and reflecting their dedication to delivering bespoke financial solutions across diverse client segments.

e-Mas complements TNG Wallet’s existing investment offerings, providing users with an accessible entry point into gold investment from as low as RM10 with no hidden costs. This new product is designed to offer a superior investment experience with a seamless end-to-end digital journey, allowing users to monitor gold prices with live updates and manage their investments directly from the eWallet.

e-Mas represents just one of the many financial services products offered under the investment feature of TNG eWalet, aimed at empowering Malaysians to make better financial decisions. With a comprehensive suite of convenient, secure, and rewarding financial services products, TNG Digital is committed to providing users with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively.