Master Your Battery with Galaxy S24 Puts Control at Your Fingertips!

Do you often find yourself experimenting with various solutions to prevent your phone battery from draining? From reducing display brightness to disabling or uninstalling unused apps, experts and users alike have long shared myriad tips to conserve and extend battery life.

But here’s another tip for you: just get a smartphone that can do all of that for you and more! No more struggling with manual solutions; the Galaxy S24 offers a domain where conserving battery is less of a chore and more of a seamless symphony.

Bigger is Better 

Smartphones have transitioned from mere gadgets to essential devices integral to our daily routine. For instance, what happens when you go on a leisurely day trip with friends, and you rely on this pocket-sized device for almost everything? Using navigation apps to find directions to that cute little café you found on Instagram, taking photos and videos of the stunning scenery, or finding the next touristy place to go to. But with each snapshot and every mapped-out route, your phone battery drains a little more, until suddenly, you find yourself looking for the nearest plug point or holding onto your bulky power bank to charge your phone.

Well, with the Galaxy S24 series however, you are able to diminish your concerns about battery percentage when you are out and about. When it comes to battery life, size indeed matters where bigger is better. With 5000mAh (45w) on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, 4,900 mAh (45w) on the Galaxy S24+, and 4,000mAh (25w) on the Galaxy S24.

Now, you can effortlessly navigate through a full day of tasks and adventures without the looming dread of reaching a low battery notification on your phone.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

When you are playing your game, and prepare to deliver the winning blow, disaster strikes in the most unexpected of ways. Suddenly, your screen goes dark, leaving you in a state of confusion. Wait, what? Then, you realise your phone’s battery has betrayed you, costing you victory of the game you were playing. 

If this happened to you, then the Galaxy S24 series is just the device you need to indulge in extended gameplay sessions without fear of sudden power depletion. Oftentimes, our phones will get too hot when playing games, this can cause problems like battery drain, forced shutdown, and even a total meltdown. With Up to 1.9x larger Vapor chamber, the Galaxy S24 series features an optimal thermal control system with the largest Vapor Chamber among all Galaxy smartphones to regulate the temperature of the device and prevent it from overheating. This not only enhances your gaming experience, giving you a smoother graphics experience but you don’t have to worry about your phone shutting down while you are in the middle of an intense battle!

The 1-120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate also contributes to prolonged battery life. The Adaptive Refresh Rate will adjust the refresh rate based on different usage scenarios, allowing users to navigate through the busiest of days without the constant need for recharging.

Upgrade to Galaxy S24 Series Today!

Users upgrading their device to the Galaxy S24 series before the 30th of April 2024 will enjoy a slew of deals including

  • Up to additional RM650 enhanced trade in
  • Free Galaxy Watch6 (44mm) worth RM1,199
  • Up to RM800 PWP on selected Galaxy Wearables, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Buds
  • Up to 45% off on Samsung Care+ & Accessories

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