Discover the adventurous taste of Portugal with McDonald’s Malaysia’s new Portuguese Chicken Burger

PETALING JAYA, 1 July 2019 – After giving customers a taste of Korea with the beloved Spicy Korean Burger, McDonald’s Malaysia will now be taking Malaysians on an exciting taste journey to another corner of the world with the brand new Portuguese Chicken Burger!

Inspired by the sights, sounds and flavours of Portugal, the Portuguese Chicken Burger is the second exciting menu item to be introduced as part of McDonald’s Malaysia’s ‘Discover the World 2019’ campaign. This delicious burger features a juicy fried chicken patty, dipped in a unique piri-piri sauce, served with a bed of mixed vegetables and fresh lettuce, all sandwiched between a brand new chilli flake bun. The result is a mouth-watering meal bursting with rich flavours and spices that is distinctly Portuguese.

“Over the years, we’ve taken our customers on exciting taste adventures to countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Korea and Thailand, by infusing their unique flavours into our menu items here in Malaysia through our ‘Discover the World’ campaign. This time, we’re taking it up a notch by introducing the all-new Portuguese Chicken Burger that offers its very own special piri-piri sauce,” says Eugene Lee, Marketing Director, McDonald’s Malaysia.

“When it comes to innovative menu items, McDonald’s always strives to delight and surprise customers with new explosive flavours and this burger will definitely offer a taste experience that is unlike anything we have introduced before,” Eugene added.

For dessert, McDonald’s Malaysia is also bringing back the popular Dinosaur McFlurry, packed with swirls of chocolatey goodness topped with chocolate cereals.

To add more excitement to the launch of the new Portuguese Chicken Burger, starting 4 July, McDonald’s Malaysia will be introducing a new Augmented Reality game called Catching Nonando, in which customers would need to ‘catch’ as many Nonando Chickens as they can in 60 seconds to collect points. Customers will be instantly rewarded with discounts on the Portuguese Chicken Burger depending on how many Nonandos they catch.

And to make things even more exciting, there will be a nationwide leaderboard that tracks the top players, where the first-place winner will walk away with up to 50,000 Air Asia BIG Points!

To play the game, customers just need to click on the Facebook link available at McDonald’s Malaysia’s corporate website or official Facebook page.

The Portuguese Chicken Burger set meal is served with French Fries and either a Fanta Grape McFreeze or regular Coke, and is priced from RM16.99. It will be available in all McDonald’s restaurants for a limited time only and while stocks last.

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