Death Whisperer’ Emerges as Thailand’s Inaugural IMAX Film and 2023 Box Office Sensation

Death Whisperer’ Emerges as Thailand’s Inaugural IMAX Film and 2023 Box Office Sensation

Embark on a hair-raising journey with ‘Death Whisperer,’ the Thai horror film that draws its inspiration from a genuine urban legend. Malaysian audiences are in for a spine-tingling treat as the movie is set to make its haunting debut on January 4, 2024. What sets ‘Death Whisperer’ apart is its historic distinction as the FIRST Thai film to grace the captivating screens of IMAX with Laser technology. This groundbreaking experience seamlessly melds crystal-clear 4K Laser-projected visuals with the cutting-edge sound system synonymous with IMAX, thrusting horror into an entirely new realm. Elevating fear to unprecedented heights, the film has been expertly remastered using IMAX’s proprietary DMR (Digital Re-Mastering) technology. Brace yourself for an unparalleled cinematic encounter as ‘Death Whisperer’ pushes the boundaries of horror storytelling, fusing chilling urban legends with state-of-the-art cinematic mastery for an unforgettable experience in Malaysian theaters.

The movie is also one of Thailand’s biggest box office hits in 2023, capturing hearts nationwide and closing with approximately THB475 million box office in success. 


“A haunting scream that will follow you everywhere”


“Death Whisperer” stars Nadech Kugimiya, Mim Rattanawadee Wongthong, Denis Jelilcha Kapaun, Junior Kajbhunditt Jaidee, Friend Peerakrit Phacharaboonyakiat and Nina Nutthatcha Padovan, along with Fresh Arisara Wongchaleeand Ply Pramer Noiam. Directed by Kui Taweewat Wantha and Executive Producer Pap Narit Yuwaboon, the acclaimed team behind the horror hit “Long Weekend” from the terrifying internet legend to blood-curdling big-screen horror.


A supernatural horror film in rural Thailand is about a family’s terrifying encounter with a demonic spirit that possesses their daughter and causes mysterious deaths, forcing the brothers to take extreme measures to stop the evil presence haunting their village.



The story takes place in a remote Thai village where a young girl mysteriously dies after hearing a creepy “Tee Yod” chant. Years later, a family is terrorised by the same evil spirit possessing the body of their daughter Yam. Her brother Yak seeks help from a sorcerer to perform rituals to dispel the demon. After a dangerous journey to take Yam to the hospital, Yak is forced to shoot his sister to drive out the spirit that emerges from her mouth. At the hospital, the demon possesses Yam again in the form of a black cat. Yam dies horrifically, but the evil spirit still haunts the family. Yak vows vengeance against the ancient evil force plaguing the village.