ASEAN Festival 2023: Commemorating the Accomplishments of Youth.

ASEAN Festival 2023: Commemorating the Accomplishments of Youth.

The third day of the ASEAN Festival 2023 marked the launch of an exciting initiative titled “ASEAN Festival 2023: Celebrating Youth Achievements” at the iconic LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre in Kuala Lumpur. This event aims to shine a spotlight on the remarkable accomplishments of the youth within the ASEAN community, emphasizing their dynamic contributions across various fields.

The festival serves as a platform to recognize talent, and contributions from the youth in various fields, including arts, culture, sports, entrepreneurship, and several others. Day 3 of the ASEAN Festival promises to highlight the contributions made by the YAR recipients for their outstanding achievements to the environment, economy, and society worldwide.

Youth Achievement Records (YAR) is a concept that combines the idea of recognizing and documenting the accomplishments and achievements of young individuals. It aims to record and document their accomplishments in various areas of life. During the YAR presentation ceremony, there will be special performances by the YAR recipients and a fashion show and magic show by ALIST Academy Malaysia, followed by performances by fellow embassy attendees. 

YAR Recipients at ASEAN Festival: 

1. Crystal Ong Shir Ching (王雪晶) – “Youngest in Malaysia to Release a Music VCD at 9 years old and Publish a Photo Album at 11 years old”

2. Suki Low Sook Yee – “The inaugural winner of the First Million Ringgit Prize in Malaysia’s Pioneering Reality Singing Competition, ‘8TV’s ONE in a MILLION’ (September 2006)”

3. Coach Low Jia Cheng and Esports Team – “First Malaysian team to win an eSports medal in Asian Game 2022 in China”

4. Coach Low Jia Cheng and Esports Team – “First Malaysian team to win an eSports medal in SeaGame 2021 in Vietnam”

5. Ms. Chelsea Lee Ning – “The First and Youngest Asian woman to complete a 33-kilometer ultra-marathon swim in France (19 years old)” and “The Fastest Female to swim in France’s longest non-stop open water marathon – Le Flow Des Gabarriers 2023 in France (7 hr 24 min)”

6. Ainsley Tiew Lee Sin – “First Malaysian Honored with the ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award’ for Exceptional Contribution to Children, World Peace, and /or Human Rights”

7. Jinv Wong Vui Wei – “First pop music educator in Malaysia with four (4) academic degrees”

8. Jeryl Lee Pei Ling 李佩玲 – “First Malaysian to Emerge as the Champion in the Chinese Variety Show ‘The Next 2023.”

The ASEAN Festival 2023: Celebrating Youth Achievement is not only a celebration but also an opportunity for fostering collaboration, and cultivating a sense of pride and unity among the ASEAN youth. By recognizing and showcasing their achievements, the festival aims to create a positive and empowering environment that supports the growth and development of young individuals in the ASEAN region.