Strategic Partnership: Leader Energy and Solarvest Eye Regional Ventures

Leader Energy Holding Berhad, known as “Leader Energy,” disclosed its collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Solarvest Holdings Berhad (“Solarvest”). The purpose of this partnership is to investigate and cultivate opportunities related to sustainability across the Southeast Asia (“SEA”) region. Leader Energy, alongside its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities, operates as an independent power producer primarily engaged in the development, ownership, operations, and maintenance of power assets and projects.

Under the MOU, the collaboration will primarily focus on the exploration and development of renewable energy, including solar energy, battery energy storage systems, Energy-as-a-Service, as well as other sustainable energy applications. The partnership aims to leverage on the expertise of both parties to deliver innovative solutions within the SEA region and ultimately contribute to the achievement of net-zero emissions goal.

Leader Energy’s Executive Deputy Chairman, Dato’ Sean H’ng said, “We are grateful to explore the opportunity to collaborate with Solarvest. Considering the ongoing decarbonisation efforts in the SEA region, where numerous countries have set ambitious net-zero targets, this potential collaboration enables us to bolster our footprint in the region. It will position us well to capture untapped opportunities with new green technologies within the region and maximise our contribution towards our net-zero emissions goal. With the collective efforts of both parties, we are optimistic of achieving a fruitful outcome from this collaboration.”

Solarvest’s Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Davis Chong Chun Shiong, said the collaboration is the latest step in the company’s efforts to be a leading clean energy leader in the region. “Southeast Asia is arguably the most exciting region in the world now, with a relatively young, newly affluent, and increasingly eco-conscious consumer population. We are excited to be working with Leader Energy to deliver new and exciting energy solutions to a much broader group of consumers. Indeed, this collaboration is very well aligned with Solarvest’s own 5-Year Strategic Roadmap, aimed at positioning the company as an expert on clean, regenerative energy.”