Attractions/ Place at Lombok

Attractions/ Place at Lombok

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  1. The Gili Islands
  • Three perfect coral islands, fringed with white sands and swaying palm trees, lay in the glittering ocean just off the coast of Lombok Indonesia.
  • For many years the Gili’s have attracted visitors from around the world for their original waters, great diving, relaxing holiday, snorkelling and party.
  • The word of GILI means small islands so these islands are well known as The Gilis by travellers, who have long considered them to be at least equal to the appeal of Thailand’s and India’s south coast.
  • Over the past decade, each of the three islands has developed a unique personality or style, providing to different types of holiday makers and travellers.
  • There is no cars or motor bikes on the islands and the only mean transport are horse cart, locally known as cidomo.
  1. Kuta Beach and South Coast Lombok
  • The south coast of Lombok commonly known as the Kuta region.
  • The bay of Kuta are are famous for the legend of Pantai Putri Nyale, cristal clear water, gorgeous white sandy beach and the fantastic surfing wave.
  • For those who look relaxing places for holiday this area seem are good as the area are less busy than the other tourism area on Lombok.
  • Surfing, swimming and laze under the sun shine are famous activities, surfing on this area offer unforgettable experience as the most repeater surfer from all over the world back visited Kuta and South coast.


  1. Senggigi Beach Town and Resort
  • Senggigi is the most developed tourist area on Lombok.
  • You can find variety of tourism attraction and tourism facilities such as restaurant, cafe, and bars which is line up on the street.
  • Cafes and restaurants most located on the main beach road and the beaches is safe for swim.
  • Most of visitor start their visit and stay at Senggigi, the oldest famous tourist resort area.

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