The unexpected presence of a former national badminton star at a baby fair and their debut in a music video shoot has created quite a buzz.

The unexpected presence of a former national badminton star at a baby fair and their debut in a music video shoot has created quite a buzz.

At the Big Baby Expo today, a surprising appearance drew attention. This special guest is a former national badminton player who recently played in a music video. The guest’s live performance and debut at the event caused a lot of excitement and great interest among the attendees.

The widely-discussed music video, titled “Swing It, Work It, Shake It,” is associated with a leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brand specializing in confinement essentials. Even before its official release, the video had already captured attention online due to its unique concept and message. The unexpected star of the video was none other than Goh Liu Ying, an Olympic badminton silver medalist from Rio de Janeiro, who courageously took part in the MV shoot while pregnant. Her involvement not only added a touch of sports stardom to the production but also beautifully showcased the resilience and grace of expectant mothers.

“As a former national athlete, I’ve faced countless challenges and intense training on the badminton court. However, stepping into the role of a mother was a completely new experience for me. From pregnancy to childbirth, it’s a journey filled with both significant physical changes and a completely different range of emotions. I’m thrilled that SWS 28 gave me the opportunity to participate in the filming of “Swing It, Work It, Shake It.” Through dance and music, it not only allowed me to capture the essence of pregnancy but also showcased the strength, beauty, and confidence of expectant mothers. I hope it encourages all soon-to-be moms to bravely embrace this special and wonderful journey,” said Goh Liu Ying.

The theme of the music video revolves around celebrating the beauty of pregnancy, with a particular focus on the physical and emotional experiences of expectant mothers. In this music video, it’s not just a melodic tune but a heartfelt expression of new life, liberating pregnancy from traditional impressions and giving a fresh definition to this unique phase of life. The video aims to convey a new message:

pregnancy is not just about bodily changes but also a journey filled with strength and beauty.

“This music video is our way of showing care and support to mothers around the world. We believe that it will not only inspire expectant mothers but also challenge common stereotypes about pregnancy,” said Alvin Khoo, Chief Marketing Officer of SWS 28. The production of this music video not only demonstrates the brand’s innovative spirit but also underscores its profound concern for the health and happiness of pregnant women.

Founded in 2014, SWS 28, with roots tracing back to 1978 through Wing Sang Traditional & Acupuncture Centre established by Mr. Sow Kim Chye, is now renowned for its premium TCM postpartum and healthcare products, including the signature SWS28 TCM Confinement Package with a proprietary regulatory formula. Currently led by Mr. Kenny Sow of the second generation, SWS 28 has successfully introduced a range of products, including preconception, prenatal supplementation, postpartum confinement, and postnatal wellness, featuring exclusive formulations such as the ‘SWS28 Confinement TCM Package’ and the highly-regarded ‘Postnatal Care Capsule’

The company has been recognized with several awards, including the 2016 Traditional Herbs Quality Assurance Certificate, 2017 SME 100 Awards for Fast Moving Companies, and the recent Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards in 2023, further establishing its credibility and commitment to quality.

SWS 28’s innovative approach extends beyond their products to creative projects like this MV, demonstrating their dedication to supporting women’s health and wellbeing. The “Swing It, Work It, Shake It” music video is available for viewing on YouTube and has already started creating a significant impact. Together, let’s embrace the beauty of pregnancy.

Watch the music video here:

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