Insomniacks Wants To Company With ‘Teman’

The Malaysian music scene is familiar with the presence of Insomniacks, a homegrown band that has made a notable impact since entering the industry. Their music resonates strongly with local youth, consistently gaining popularity and spreading widely across social media platforms. Their latest offering, ‘Teman’, promises to be another compelling addition to their repertoire.

Composed and written by the group’s own member Iqie, it was also produced and arranged by the boys of Insomniacks themselves along with Bajai, a producer who is no stranger to Insomniacks.

“This song is about always being there for the people we love. It was written with the intention of accompanying those who have difficulty sleeping at night,” said Iqie.

“We were inspired to write this song after many of our supporters told us that our music often accompanies them in various activities, such as on the way to work or class, while studying and even when they are awake at night. We want our discography to contain songs that can be lullabies too.

The recording process was also pleasant. It is an honor for me to be able to work with my two uncles who are also talented musicians with a lot of experience in the music industry,” explained Iqie further.

Along with the publication of this song by Universal Music Malaysia, this song also featured eye-catching visuals and storylines in terms of cinematography and interesting graphics visuals for listeners to appreciate the verses of this song through visual messages, to value friendship and always be there when needed. Some feel that accompanying someone is a waste of time and there is nothing to gain. It may sound true but life needs a sense of community, helping each other and being there for the people we love is important because we never know when we might need our own friends.

“Regarding the video recording process, Director, Dick Wai and his team from Unfold Production helped us a lot in terms of our acting and request to create a solid and good storyline”, said Iskandar regarding the making of Teman‘s music video.

“I hope listeners can relate to the meaning behind this song that is filled with meaning for us. Hopefully this song will be a hit at concerts among our supporters. I also hope they can feel the ‘togetherness’ or the nuances of friendship that we try to show in this video,” Dan concluded.

Teman has been released on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, KKBOX, Deezer and Youtube Music on the 1 March 2024, and the music video has been released on Insomniacks official YouTube channel on the same day.