Daiichi infant car seat now comes with upgraded safety for added protection

KUALA LUMPUR -— July 23, 2019 — Worried that the child car seat you invested in is not providing the protection your child needs, or, that your child has out-grown the restraint system, making it less effective in protecting your child? You are not alone.

Parents constantly worry about these situations because they know that toddlers and young children are vulnerable when ferried about in a vehicle. Their fragile structure and weaker neck muscles, that carry a relatively large and heavy head in relation to their body, puts them at greater risk of injury in the event of a motor-vehicle crash or when emergency brakes are applied.

“Understanding these concerns, Daiichi, one of Korea’s leading manufacturer of child seats, strollers and baby carriers, have made it their mission, not only to continuously improve the safety features of their seats but also to research and create new ones,” said Ken Foo Hsien Loong, director of sales and marketing at Histopoint Sdn. Bhd., the marketer and distributor of Daiichi child care products in Malaysia.

“The introduction of the “First Seven Plus” child car seat is testimony to Daiichi’s commitment and a deinonsiration of its resclve,” said Ken, whose company also inarkets and distributes popular Korean mother and child care products such as breast pumps from Spectra and UV sterilisers from Upang, in addition to Western brands such as Freemie from US and Looping from France.

The First Seven Plus child car seat is an upgraded version of the Daiichi’s previously released child car seat, the “First Seven”, and offers added safety and functionality that includes a quadruple side impact protection (Q-SIP), ergonomic Safe-Back design, a four-position inner seat and sun visor.

“The Q-SIP is a revolutionary shock-resistant system, providing four layers of protection that cushions and protects the side of the child’s head during a collision,” said Ken.

“Another key feature in the First Seven Plus is the “Safe-Back” design which is carefully developed to provide excellent ergonomics and back support across the different stages of the child’s growth, especially toward the head, neck and waist areas,” he said.

“The First Seven Plus also comes with a removable four-position inner seat which offers protection to the child’s neck, spine and sides of the body,” Ken said. “The inner seats are removable to accommodate changes in the child’s physical structure as he or she grows.”

“What’s more, this child safety seat now has a sun visor that can prevent harmful UV rays of up to 99.8%, thus protecting the child’s eyes and skin,” he said. Histopoint is also introducing Daiichi’s Louis All-in-One baby carrier. The carrier is designed to enable lumbar support through the hip-seat and sitting-height adjustment. Here, when a child is placed in a rear- facing position, the lumbar support will comfortably cover the thighs and hips of the child.

However, if the child is placed facing forward, then the lumbar support can be folded to increase the height of the child’s seating. Moreover, the carrier is also designed with spine prosthesis for Stability, as well as extra cushioning for that added comfort.

In addition to products from the Daiichi brand, Histopoint is also introducing new branded products into Malaysia, such as baby baths from Murmur, and baby accessories from Taiwan-based Farlin.

Those who are interested in the First Seven Plus child car seat, Louis All-in-One baby carrier or other popular mother and child care products distributed by Histopoint may obtain them from any Happi Kiddo  stores across Malaysia or visit www.histopoint.com.my.

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