Unboxing the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra ②: Inimitable Display with IP68-Rated Water and Dust Resistance

In the second part of this series, Samsung Newsroom explores the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra’s features up close, including its impressive display, next-level immersion, upgraded processor and IP68-rated water and dust resistance.[1]

Brightness and Detail at Its Finest: Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra’s 14.6-inch[2] Dynamic AMOLED 2X display delivers an immersive entertainment experience to both movie enthusiasts and binge-watchers.

The Dynamic AMOLED 2X display offers enhanced colors expression and crystal-clear, image quality with a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Eye Comfort reduces blue light by more than 70%[3] so that users can work on documents or read e-books on the tablet without eye fatigue. Boasting an impressively bright display optimized for any environment, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra offers the most premium viewing experience among the entire Galaxy Tab series.

Watching videos even on sunny days is a breeze with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The upgraded Vision Booster technology automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on surrounding lighting conditions, allowing users to view content clearly and comfortably both at home and outdoors.

Uninterrupted Performance with a Powerful Processor

Aside from an immersive viewing experience, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra offers enhanced gaming performance to users. Equipped with Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy,[4] the Galaxy Tab S9 series boasts the same next-level gaming capabilities as the Galaxy S23 series. The Galaxy Tab S9 series is available in upgraded memory options, with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra specifically offering a wide range of memory and storage capabilities[5] — including 12GB RAM with 256GB internal storage, 12GB RAM with 512GB internal storage, 16GB RAM with 1TB of internal storage and microSD[6] with up to 1TB of internal storage.

Thanks to its processors, gamers can enjoy graphically demanding and CPU-intensive gameplay. Character movements and actions flow smoothly on the 14.6-inch screen without screen lag while background graphics remain lifelike and vivid, providing a level of immersion on par with that of PCs.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series is the perfect productivity tool for multitaskers. With the Multi Window feature,[7] the Galaxy Tab S9 series can support up to three apps at once. The enhanced chipset boosts upgraded processing capabilities, allowing multiple applications to be run simultaneously.

Users can also freely drag down and adjust the size and order of their apps with simple gestures, giving them greater control over their workspace on screen. The Galaxy Tab S9 series optimizes productivity through fast response times and minimized loading times.

A Tablet Perfect for the Outdoors

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra takes “work from anywhere” to a whole new level. With its IP68 rating, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is water and dust resistant.

Ideal for outdoor activities, Galaxy Tab S9 series is the perfect companion for camping and hiking since durability and portability are incorporated into its design. 

Enhance Your Productivity with the S Pen

The Galaxy Tab S9 series comes preloaded with new apps that allow users to maximize their use of the S Pen. GoodNotes,[8] now available on the Galaxy Tab S9 series, allows users to jot down notes and draw. Users can also access apps from previous Samsung Galaxy series to unleash their creativity — such as artwork app Clip Studio Paint and video editing app LumaFusion.

With One UI 5.1.1, the Galaxy Tab S9 series automatically recognizes handwriting from the S Pen and converts it to text on Samsung Note. Furthermore, the S Pen allows users to extract words from an image as text, enabling them to save information in just a few taps.

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra offers the ultimate premium tablet experience for creatives and casual users alike — complete with powerful multitasking features, water and dust resistance, enhanced S Pen functionality and more.

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