Women Talk, a roundtable discussion programme starring Deborah Henry and Zoraya Vadillo, has a new season on TV3 and the video streaming service Tonton at April 29, 2023. With her presence beginning on June 10, Sazzy Falak will soon be joining the current hosts in completing the host roster.

Multi-talented celebrity, Sazzy Falak, who’s known for her many talents as a host, actress, entrepreneur and fashion icon will soon feature in weekly discussions of Women Talk. Deborah Henry and Sazzy Falak are no longer a strange combination in the hosting industry as they have had the opportunity to host together, so this trio will further bring up the atmosphere together with Zoraya Vadillo and guest panellists on the show.

Co-producer of Women Talk, Datin Elaine Daly says, “Sazzy Falak has the ability to entice audiences with her vast knowledge of hosting with Deborah Henry and Zoraya Vadillo. She is someone who’s well known in her respective field and is very professional, and we believe that her appearance is in tandem with the overall image of Women Talk. With the special addition this new season, we hope that viewers will be amused with her sense of professionalism and brilliance that she has to offer while she unravels the many topics of interest to women”.

Among the interesting topics and issues that will be discussed by the trio hosts and guest panellists are the world of Alzheimer’s and dementia, double burden syndrome, eating disorders, becoming influencers and many more. There will also be special appearances by invited guests of esteemed backgrounds in their respective fields that are to be discussed weekly. Some of those guests that will be enlightening the atmosphere in the Women Talk studio are actor and comedian Harith Iskander, model and host Shweta Sekhon, medical doctor Dr. Say Shazril and many more.

The production of Women Talk Season 3 is led by Shahila Shah as Chief Producer, together with Datin Elaine Daly and Said Thani as Producers as well as Deborah Henry, Zoraya Vadillo and Sazzy Falak as hosts.

Be sure to catch the third season of Women Talk, every Saturday, 5.00 pm on TV3, and viewers can also stream live in HD on Tonton at or on the Tonton application that can be downloaded through Google Play or App Store. For further information and updates on the latest TV3 programmes, visit and follow official social media sites Facebook, Instagram & Twitter at @TV3Malaysia.