This Ramadan, TROPICANA Twister introduces its “Íbu Penyempurna Sahurku” campaign, shining a spotlight on the tireless efforts of mothers during the early mornings of Sahur. These maternal unsung heroes rise before the sun, ensuring their families start the day right. Amidst the hustle and bustle, their dedication often goes unnoticed, leaving little time for precious family moments.

During this noble month, we are presented with the ideal opportunity for self-reflection, extending acts of kindness, and deepening connections with our cherished families. Coming together to break fast during Sahur holds profound significance, as these shared moments at the table foster unity and affection among loved ones. Yet, for mothers, Ramadan brings forth substantial responsibilities, particularly during Sahur preparations, where early mornings and personal sacrifices are made to ensure their families are well-cared for. For working mothers, Sahur mornings add an extra layer of responsibility to their already busy schedules, as they strive to provide the best for their loved ones.

Understanding this, Malaysia’s leading brand, Tropicana Twister, aims to ease the burden on Malaysian mothers during Ramadan, particularly when additional support is needed. Rich in essential nutrients like vitamin C to support the immune system, Tropicana Twister encourages mothers to start their days with optimism to navigate the challenges of this demanding fasting month.

Shining a light on the sacrifices made during Sahur, TROPICANA Twister partners with HotFM, a leading Malay language radio station in Malaysia, to illuminate the invaluable dedication of mothers during these early morning hours. Together, they embark on a mission to inspire consumers to share heartfelt tales of their mothers’ dedication during this holy month of Ramadan, emphasising the profound significance of Sahur in nurturing familial bonds and enriching the soul. This dynamic collaboration offers a vibrant platform to celebrate the tireless efforts of mothers.

Additionally, the contest presents the winner with the chance to have a chef curate nutritious and delightful Sahur meals for her family, granting the mother a well-deserved break from her usual preparations and allowing her to cherish precious moments with her loved ones, fostering a deeper sense of togetherness and gratitude during Ramadan.

Amy Gan, Vice President of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, emphasises, “Ramadan presents mothers with the dual challenge of balancing their daily commitments with the added responsibilities of Sahur preparations.” She continues, “The ‘Íbu Penyempurna Sahurku’ campaign seeks to commemorate these unsung heroes by spotlighting their stories and acknowledging their indispensable role in the family’s well-being. This exclusive opportunity for a personalised chef experience during Sahur serves as a heartfelt reward for all mothers’ sacrifices and hard work during the early hours of the morning. By providing a professional chef to assist in the Sahur meal responsibilities for a morning, we want your mother to enjoy well-deserved moments of relaxation and togetherness with her loved ones, while spreading the joy of optimism that defines our brand.”

She adds, “Tropicana Twister has been a long-time favourite beverage of Malaysians, cherished for its refreshing taste, convenience in handy bottles and commitment to quality ingredients sourced from nature’s finest. With its invigorating tangy twist and unparalleled freshness, Tropicana Twister continues to delight consumers, infusing each moment with optimism, especially around the Sahur table, and offering a perfect companion for every occasion.

In continued celebration of mothers and their indispensable roles during Ramadan, TROPICANA Twister presents a heartwarming film that beautifully encapsulates the warmth and joy experienced at every Sahur gathering. This short film , available on the brands social media platforms, showcases mothers hard at work during Sahur mornings, multitasking the chores of cooking, cleaning, and even ironing clothes. Yet, amidst the morning rush and family meal, when it seems that her presence often goes unnoticed, her family appreciates the added touch of warmth and joy she brings to the Sahur table. Additionally, the film underscores Tropicana Twister’s significance as the perfect Sahur companion, providing a refreshing morning boost to start your day off right.

From March 25th to April 7th, 2024, Malaysians are invited to participate in TROPICANA Twister’s “Ibu Penyempurna Sahurku” heartwarming contest with HotFM, celebrating the selfless dedication of mothers during Sahur. By participating, you could win enticing prizes, including having a Sahur meal prepared by professional chefs and the chance to receive a smart Thermomix kitchen for six selected grand prize winners. Additionally, there are many other attractive prizes to be won for free, such as prayer mats from Siti Khadijah and RM100 food vouchers.

To join, participants are invited to:

  • Visit HotFM website here: https://www.hotfm.audio/sahurdengantropicanatwister.
  • Answer a simple question about Tropicana Twister.
  • Share a touching story about why your mother deserves this restful time during Sahur.
  • Fill in the required information to complete the entry.

This initiative also includes on-ground activations with selected retail partners. Additionally, customers ordering from selected merchants on the Shopee food platform during Sahur hours will receive a complimentary TROPICANA Twister!

Don’t miss out! Share your inspiring stories with TROPICANA Twister, your beverage of choice for Sahur and win your mother an experience she will never forget!

For more details on the campaign, please visit our TROPICANA Twister Facebook page here:https://www.facebook.com/mytropicana/