RADi Encourages Listeners to Cherish Love with New Single “Falling For You”

RADi, a fresh talent in the music scene, presents his latest single “Falling For You,” which he considers a continuation of his previous release “Maybe,” with an increased emphasis on technical elements and the addition of more instruments.

“This song actually is a continuation of Maybe, almost everything is similar, just elevated in terms of composition and production process. Maybe focuses more on the vocals, while this song has more instruments and we spend more time on producing it. We include more instruments, drums and backing vocals as well”

Falling For You, as the name suggested is a direct continuation of RADi’s previous song Maybe. The story goes from doubting whether she’s the one to she is the one. RADi started recording the demo on February and completed the song at the end of December. Working together with his previous producer Zain, He stated that this song should have the same mood as the previous one. This time around, Kenny Macartney, another producer also joined on board in completing the song which only took around one week.

“I would describe Falling For You as a continuation of Maybe, the following episode of what happens after the song. It progresses from “maybe its you” to “falling for you.” This song is an affirmation of earlier feelings. This song began three days after I submitted Maybe; I held on to the demo and the feelings from February to December of last year before informing my producer and friend, Zain, that the vibe should be similar. This time, we have Kenny Macartney, a producer for other artists such as Yuna and Aizat Amdan. We finished the tune within about a week.

According to the young singer, the only problem in finishing the song was to capture the same spirit as Maybe. Zain and Kenny, who are involved in the song production, have also helped them complete the project in one week. They readily discussed ideas and inputs during the session, allowing the song to be completed quickly.

“For me, I would say no challenges in finishing the song. Zain and Kenny were so supportive and open to new ideas making it easier for me. If i were to name one, it would be in getting the same mood as Maybe because the final session was done months after recording the demo. On that week, we started off on Monday, took a two days break, and finished up straight to Sunday”

RADi, an artist under Sony Music Entertainment, hope that the listeners will keep on to support him with his current release, which he thoroughly enjoyed and worked hard on. He opted to pursue the same way as the previous release because they expressed great interest in the prior song.

“For now, the song that the listener placed most interest in is on Maybe, hence why i decided to continue with the same direction. The listeners seemed to enjoy my previous song so much, i wish they will carry on similar support for my latest release as i am doing this for them”

“I sincerely hope that everyone will love this song especially when I created it based on my listeners’ interest. This song may feel close to everyone that is in love. Please cherish the feelings and stay in love.” he sincerely concluded.

Falling for You can be downloaded on iTunes and enjoyed through all music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.

RADi Social media’s:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radityo02_/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@radi02_

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@radivevo2528


Artist: RADi

Title: Falling For You

Producer: Zain, Kenny Macartney

Composer: RADi

Lyricist: RADi, Kenny Macartney

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