Favourite Local Food in Acheh

Favourite Local Food in Acheh

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  1. Mueseukat
  • Meuseukat is one of the island ‘s traditional cake or some kind of special pineapple dodol.
  • Meuseukat made of flour and a mixture of pineapple , a unique blend with a distinctive flavor .
  • Meuseukat very rarely found in the market – traditional markets and sometimes must be booked in advance.


  1. Bohromrom
  • Bohromrom also known as either duek beudeh cake , this cake made of glutinous rice wrapped in shredded coconut .
  • The process to make it is very easy just  combine flour , salt and hot water  then Stir until blended . Lastly,pour cold water , stirring until dough is smooth . Take a teaspoon of dough filled with stuffing materials namely sugar .Round and warm water and pandan leaves to a boil . Put the dough ,lift , roll over the grated coconut and serve.


  1. Keumamah
  • Keumamah or often called fish food timber is a traditional Aceh and Aceh specialties most in demand by the people of Aceh .
  • Besides having a delicious and unique taste , the fish is made of tuna that has been boiled , then dried and cut into small slices .



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