Famous Restaurants/ Stalls at Bandung

Famous Restaurants/ Stalls at Bandung

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  1. Floating Market Lembang
  • Paddle boats, a small artificial but peaceful lake, food stands in traditional canoes, small and private dining huts, and green sceneries can be found in the Floating Market.
  • This is not a traditional floating market, but more of a nice and clean dining area designed to look like a floating market.
  • There are many stands offering different types of Indonesian dishes, including Bandung’s specialties.
  • Must-try dishes include pisang goreng, literally meaning ‘fried banana’, which comes served with chocolate and cheese, siomay, batagor, otak-otak, and of course sate.
  • The location at:33 Jalan Grand Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia.
  • If any enquiries, do contact +62 708 888 81


  1. Dapur Dahapati
  • Dapur Dahapati is the highly recommended answer for those seeking to taste the very famous oxtail soup in Bandung: the sop buntut.
  • It’s not difficult to find, as everyone around knows about this restaurant set in a classic Dutch house.
  • What makes the oxtail soup more special at Dapur Dahapati is their delicious thick sauce and the fact that they use a recipe that has been shared over generations.
  • The portions are generous, offering good value for money.
  • The restaurant is situated at 146 Jalan Cipaganti, Bandung, Indonesia.
  • If have any queries, do contact at +62 22 7101301.


  1. Paskal Food Market
  • There is a nice food court in town called the Paskal Food Market.
  • It is situated at  the Hyper Square area (Next to the Hilton), they have all the local foods available but in a much cleaner environment.
  • About 50+ stalls are available here while you can get some good Sundanese Food.
  • A live acoustic band was also entertaining dinners and locals there.


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