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Introduction of Acheh

  • Aceh is a semi-autonomous Indonesian province on the northwest tip of Sumatra Island.
  • It’s known for beaches, diving sites and mountain wilderness areas. Banda Aceh, its capital, is home to the 19th-century Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, a regional icon with delicate Mughal tracery, black domes and a reflecting pool.
  • Exhibits at the Aceh Tsunami Museum depict a 2004 natural disaster’s impact on the region.
  • Aceh is rich of events, attraction and unique cultures that it will attract anyone.
  • Aceh is also rich in natural beauty, waves and sea garden, which is suitable for diving.
  • Some of most beautiful Aceh tourism and historical sites and beaches have been damaged by the massive earthquake and Dec ’04 Tsunami.
  • The name of Aceh Darussalam is come from Aceh language means the welfare and peace Aceh country.

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