Accomodations/ Hotel at Batam

Accomodations/ Hotel at Batam

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  1. Harris Hotel Batam
  • Tauzia Hotel Management developed HARRIS hotel concept for business and leisure in the mid scale market.
  • In a decade since the opening of first HARRIS Hotel in Batam, Tauzia through HARRIS has firmly established a culture of innovation in design, marketing and hospitality services.
  • Potential owners as the brand’s first customers need to share the brand philosophy:
  • “ THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF LIFE” as a common vision in embarking to mutual success in the years to come.
  • If have any further information, please visit
  1. Amaris Hotel Nagoya Hill
  • Once a densely forested backwater, for the past three decades Batam has undergone rapid development.
  • It was tempted by the island’s close immediacy to Singapore and special trade agreements, many international companies have established operations here.
  • Noawdays, Batam is a hub of industrial activity and an important trade link between Indonesia and the world.
  • As a tourist destination, Batam has a number of natural and historic tourist attractions too, as well as important religious sites.
  • It is situated in the heart of Nagoya Hill Mall superblock 30 minutes away from Batam’s Hang Nadim international airport, Amaris Hotel Nagoya Hill Batam is within easy walk of offices, banks, and hospital.
  • It was created to meet the needs of the modern-day urban professional, every Amaris Hotel offers a stylish yet affordable alternative, complete with modern amenties and professional service.
  • If have any enquiries, please visit

3. Allium Batam Hotel

  • Uncover reinvention in the heart of Nagoya through an effort to enhance guests’ experience in all the five senses with refined beds, linens and amenities.
  • The result is a blend of fresh modern style accommodation, warm welcome and friendly service in Batam.

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